Trump Supporters Misled On Family Separation Policy

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TYT’s Eric Byler ( spoke to Trump supporters outside the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, PA on August 2, 2018; the second of three Trump campaign rallies in less than a week.

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  1. My mom is a trump supporter; but still one of the kindest people I know with a great love for children, so I approached the topic with her. She was under the impression the parents left their children… as if the hadn’t been forcibly separated. Even after I explained what really happened, she did not believe me because of where I get my news. She watches Fox news only. Refuses to watch anything else as she believes it is “fake news”.
    I believe the biggest problem we face in the upcoming election is misinformation. It is an epidemic that really has me concerned.

    1. 100 percent agree. They are aggressively misinformed. I have had the same experience trying to explain things to very nice gentle souls who happen to be Trump voters. They don’t believe me. I pull up news sites and show them the articles. They don’t believe the articles. They have been fed propaganda for so long, their world-view is separate from reality.

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