1. Firstly ,Cenk could stop referring to the president as a child. Nextly Cenk can go fuck himself.
    I’ll forward directions on how to do that. With pictures easy 1 through 8 steps on how to accomplish this arduous task. Best of luck.

  2. Here are some of the groups Sam has founded

    An Invitation for Ordinary People to Take Extraordinary Action
    To find out more about groups Daley-Harris has founded or coached, and how you can get involved, contact:
    Ending global and domestic poverty
    American Promise
    Overturning Citizens United
    Reducing the Pentagon Budget
    Energy awareness and clean energy adoption
    American Wind Energy Association Power of Wind Action Teams
    Advancing wind energy
    Civic Courage
    Empowering Citizen Action
    Learn more about Reclaiming Our Democracy

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