BREAKING: New Trump Tweets Shows His Fascist Tendencies

In The Young Turks on YouTube by Aaron Wysocki1 Comment


Cenk Uygur checks in LIVE on Trump’s latest Twitter storm, and what it shows about his state of mind. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. Yes . You are totaly correct . We need to join forces and be together in this political fight, ans vote all this scumbags out of offoce now.
    We need to get the hispanic community more involved.
    The republicans they do lot like to accept that mexican and central americans illigal inmigrants and workers are the one tha have help in a big big way to the economy
    And the streight that USA has today.

    Who are te ones that cook in restaurants ?
    Hispanics !
    Who are the ones that pick all the crops ?
    Hispanics a
    Who are the ones they build homes and buildings?
    Hispanics !
    Who are the ones they take care of Gringos’ yards?
    Who are the ones they work harder in any kind of public seevices (roads,roofing,painters,babysitters etc)

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