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    Reasonably Shure

    Michael Shure displays his direct, non-confrontational approach of asking personal interest questions as he interviews individuals from various professions and political leanings: artists, scientist, business people and politicians. This show willl provide an insightful and alternative point of view on the issues. Watch Here.

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    Smart Mouth

    Podcasting duo Katie Anthony and Ronit Feinglass Plank leave it all out on the floor as they serve up mouthy truth bombs, fearless analysis, and hilariously real insights into the minds of news-watching women in America today. Watch Here.

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    Rebel HQ

    Cenk covers the grassroots movement and candidates running to unseat establishment Democrats. Watch Here.

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    The Jimmy Dore Show

    Incisive political satirist, YouTube sensation and self-styled “jag-off nightclub comedian” Jimmy Dore hilariously skewers the corporate-controlled media’s failings and exposes the two-party duopoly that’s out to screw us all. Watch Here.


  1. All these shows will have free clips on youtube. Full Jimmy Dore shows are already paid membership but he live streams free on Youtube and now on YoutubeTV. You can still get Dore audio free through iTunes or now the app.

    Its all about putting existing stuff into new avenues. Reasonably Shure is new for sure and will only exist in its full form on YoutubeTV for now. Maybe we will get audio soon.

    Membership supports TYT guys, they’re adding content. The goal is 24h of OG content

    1. I need clarity.
      1. When you say “these shows”, do you mean all TYT shows, including Murder with Friends? TYT hours 1 & 2, MWF, and Dan Rather are/were the only programs that I regularly watch(ed).
      2. When you say “free clips on youtube”, do you mean the full videos (e.g., full video episodes of MWF)? Face it, MWF would really be lousy in bits and pieces (pun intended) or only as an audio.
      3. When you say “24h of OG content”, what does OG mean? Retired teacher says, “Never assume your reader or audience knows what the acronym means. Always spell it out or say the words first”… put an emphasis on retired, otherwise known as “I’m not up to speed with younger folks.”
      4. Where is MWF on regular youtube? I’ve clicked all over the TYT page and can’t find it.
      5. Is Dan Rather still creating new episodes? Is DR another program that my membership can no longer access at its scheduled time?
      6. How quickly will the new episodes of MWF and DR be up on regular youtube? It would, especially, be idiotic to watch DR weeks or months after the episodes first aired.

      FYI: I’m glad my membership helps add new content, but it sure would be nice to ACCESS the new and older programs’ video content without having to shell out an additional $40 per month for YoutubeTV.

  2. Wait, I’m confused. Are these shows (especially Rebel HQ and The Jimmy Dore Show) going EXCLUSIVELY behind the YouTubeTV paywall? Since when did this happen?
    The announcements of what shows (the video portion at least) are going behind the YouTube TV paywall have been a bit confusing. Could there be an announcement that specifies which shows will only be seen on YouTube TV?
    Also, I know Cenk promotes the page for the podcast version of some of these shows that are going behind the YouTubeTV paywall, but can you add it to the Members Content tab? Or merge the Podcasting page w/ the new audio page? It’s weird that the audio page isn’t an option to be selected in any of the dropdown menus.
    And it’s also weird that there’s a audio page that is basically the ‘podcast’ version of the shows and then a separate podcasting page. Merge them techs/webmasters :P

  3. This sucks. I’m retired and on a fixed income. I cancelled my satellite for 2 reasons: 1) in protest after TV/cable news helped elect Trump and 2) I was retiring in May 2017 on less than half of what I used to earn when working. I, then, gave up on watching bits and pieces of TYT on regular Youtube and became a TYT member (paid the annual membership fee to save a few bucks).
    As an old lefty, I appreciate the TYT perspective, and Murder with Friends was my favorite go-to for entertainment and a break from the insane drumbeat of Trumperthinskin and his minions (yeah, murderers are a pleasant distraction from Trump… go figure!). I’ve downloaded and watched every episode of MWF. I was so looking forward to the new season, but, now, even that is gone on — membership has lost its value.
    So here’s a big THANKS-BUT-NO-THANKS for disappointing and abandoning your members of lesser means!

  4. And what’s up with the secondary pay wall on YouTube? Members pay twice to enjoy the complete TYT.

  5. I paid for a TYT membership, supported the channel, now I am not rich enough to see your new content. TYT is selling out to Youtube corporate greed. I loved TYT, now I doubt if I will renew.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with them wanting to diversify. There’s already a billion shows on here, including exclusive content. Youtube TV is a growing platform, and the format is much different.

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