1. Is there anything on the 24 hour channel that isn’t available on the regular tyt website and that’s YouTube channel?

  2. Like TYT a lot but I already had to cut back a lot of stuff with my cable co. so I could better afford it on disability have to catch snippets here and there online.

  3. As a new member, this feels like a bait and switch. If I wanted to throw away forty bucks a month I’d still have cable and a land line.

    1. I’ve changed my handle since leaving the above comment, and I can’t seem to figure out how to delete that comment so instead this reply is to say I’ve changed my mind.

      On one hand, I will not be subscribing. That forty bucks a month still feels wasteful to me.

      On the other hand, you don’t need me to sign up. I’m sure I’d enjoy the channel, but you’d be preaching to the choir. Unlike 93% of the citizens of my home state of NJ, I actually voted in the primaries yesterday. In other words, I hear this message loud and clear. It’s bored its way through my thick skull against all odds.

      It’s not my thick skull we should be worried about. It’s the 93% vast majority of numbnuts, the 13 out of every 14 who didn’t bother to vote in primaries (statewide, I don’t know the national figures but I’m sure they’re comparably abysmal) who need this message more than ever.

      Some of those people will subscribe to Youtube TV. Not to watch TYT, just to watch TV. And when they look for a news network, TYT will be an option for them. THAT’S who this is for. Unsuspecting people who aren’t aware that there’s a news organization who actually calls corruption by name, who paints a picture of the world with an uneven brush because the world in truth is asymmetrical.

      I made a snarky comment and I felt a little hosed because this expansion was announced days after I became a member. In time, I realized that I’m not paying for that sweet, sweet content, but so that the progressive voices showcased by TYT can reach a larger audience, because it’s so painfully obvious that we as a society need to pull our head out of our collective ass.

  4. It’s $40 more EACH MONTH plus you keep paying the $10 a month for TYT Membership if you want to see any future ‘members only’ content, although even non-members who buy YouTube TV will get access to the post-games and such as well. He’s sold us out. He knows damn well most of us can’t afford another $40 a month, for me on a fixed income the $10/month even is hard. Even members here will not get to see John and Ana’s new shows, BTW. Sucks to be a disabled democrat and fan of Ana and not be able to see her new program. But hey I’m poor so I just need to suck it up, that’s life, and this whining of mine is surely ‘white privilege’!

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