65 Democrats Vote To Extend NSA Spying

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TYT Politics’ Emma Vigeland (https://Twitter.com/EmmaVigeland) reports on the news that the House has passed a bill to extend NSA surveillance. 191 Republicans and 65 Democrats, including House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, voted yes on the bill.


  1. Dear Mr. Cenk Uygur

    I am writing you on behalf of my son who is an avid follower of TYT . He is an intelligent and passionate Millenial but one who hates to read and so he gets his information mostly through news outlets like this. It was this article that he sent to me that alerted be to write to you. You are the one that my son and thousands of other Young Turks look to for information about politics. You must do better than this article suggests.

    This headline is written in a careless, toxic way to mislead the ignorant and the naive. Why would 65 Democrats vote to extend the NSA surveillance bill when Ted Cruz, a most extreme repressive senator would be against it? It make no sense, does it?! It makes no sense because the Devil is in the Details and this article gives no details, no explanation of what are the Pros and Cons and the headline is so catchy it implies that those Democrats betrayed us. You surely know better, but the kids just take in the headlines, and the article give no content explain such an unintuitive vote. It does not explain the ramifications of the pros and cons.

    Mr. Uygur, please give your Young Readers, your Turks, more than Fox-Newlike sensational headlines. Enlighten them with some details so they can then thinker themselves. My son, amongst millions of Millenials that are your audience, is getting brainwashed by this empty sensational headlines. That is how extremists are made. I trust that is to your intention. So be the authentic journalists from whom you originate.

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