Non-Violent Activist Joseph Kent Kidnapped Live On CNN

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Joseph Kent is a well known activist from his work organizing in Ferguson, more recently he has been both an activist and an organizer in Baltimore up until recently when he was either arrested or kidnapped depending on what term you want to use, he disappeared on live TV. We have a few details but very little is actually known about what happened after he was kidnapped. John Iadarola (Think Tank) and Mark Sovel (The Lip TV) show the CNN footage and discuss on The Young Turks.


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“A community organizer who led Ferguson solidarity protests was seized by riot police in full view of the media Tuesday evening, after Baltimore imposed a nightly curfew. His seizure caused much criticism in social media.

After a night of uncertainty as to what happened, Joseph Kent was confirmed to be alive and in police custody.

According to the media present at the intersection of North and Pennsylvania Avenues in West Baltimore, the focal point of Monday’s riot and Tuesday’s peaceful gathering, Kent had been working to keep the assembly calm and urging the crowd to disperse. He appeared to have been successful, as television footage showed him alone, standing off against a line of riot police.”*


  1. This ranks right up there with Alien Abduction stories and Bigfoot sightings.

    You people are really hard up for stories of ‘ oppression ‘ . Get a life !!

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