TYT Squarespace Contest Top Ten Announcement

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Cenk Uygur, Bro Tip and the rest of The Young Turks crew discuss the top ten TYT / Squarespace website contest submissions. Featuring the music of EH440 http://www.eh440.com

Go to http://www.squarespace.com/tyt to start your 14 day free trial, plus 10% off your subscription service. No credit card required! Start building your website today.

Send us your Squarespace created site via Twitter using the hashtag #TYTSQSP


Every Friday members of our TYT staff are going to choose our favorite websites that you submit. Submit your sites throughout the campaign by tweeting the link to your site using the hashtag #TYTSQSP. If your site does get featured in our TYT staff favorites we’ll send you a badass exclusive t-shirt!

Winners are picked every FRIDAY:

Sept 12 – TYT needs a good LMAO moment. We’re looking for the FUNNIEST site. Wk 1 Winner: https://lipinghuang.squarespace.com/

Sept 19 – Awww Smoopie Papoopie. We’re looking for the CUTEST site. http://www.zaw-media.com/

Sept 26 – Wa Siktir! Most BADASS site gets this ultimate title. http://www.tytdrinkinggame.squarespace.com

Oct 3 – Is there anything in the world more beautiful than Miss Jamaica? Mr. Jamaica (aka Cenk) gets the final say – We’re recognizing the most BEAUTIFUL website. http://www.stargroves.squarespace.com

Oct 10 – Paint. Draw. Sing. Act. Dance. Whatever your chosen medium is we’re looking for the most ARTISTIC site. http://www.internalhero.com/

Oct 17 – INNOVATION. We won’t say more. Let your imagination lead you to the win. http://www.darkheartchilisauce.com

Oct 24 – The end is near. We’re picking the TOP 10 websites submitted so far.

Oct 31 – Top 3 winners announced! Lifetime Squarespace membership granted. Grand prize winner also gets $1,000 credit towards a consultation with a Squarespace designer.


TYT and Squarespace are holding a competition for our TYT fans the top three winners actually get a lifetime membership to Squarespace. The top winner gets $1000 toward consultation with a Squarespace web designer.

Squarespace is the all in one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own website, portfolio and online store. Squarespace is simple and easy, even Cenk can do it! If Cenk can do it anybody can!

TYT has partnered up with Squarespace for an AWESOME campaign! You could win a free lifetime membership with Squarespace and $1000 worth of consultation with the Squarespace team. Sign up today at http://www.squarespace.com/tyt

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