Do Your Purchases Match Your Beliefs?

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This new app might make you think twice about the products on your shopping list.

BuyPartisan, as the app is cleverly named, is designed to allow politically-minded consumers to shop their conscience. By simply scanning the barcode or searching by company name, you can pull up data on where a company’s board of directors, CEO, political action committees, and employees have donated by political party.

The data BuyPartisan uses has been assembled by the Center for Responsive Politics, the Sunlight Foundation, and the Institute for State Money in Politics— all non-profit organizations with an interest in tracking money in politics. The Sunlight Foundation in particular focuses on developing technology that makes it easier for people to become more involved in government, including Scout, a service that sends users text or email alerts that track when legislation moves forward in Congress.

You can download the app for free on iTunes , where it’s described as “a nutrition label for your political values,” to find out which companies you’d like to support and which ones you might consider crossing off your list.

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  1. Wow, this is so awesome. Seriously.

    Is it for Android too? :(

    Sometimes I’ll be at the store, and have two brands of equal quality and price, and not know which to choose.

    Knowing both are republican companies may help me to choose another food, until I end up dying of starvation trying to find uncorrupted food.

    Jk. I still would love to have the chance to pick the less evil company when giving such a pointless decision over Brand A or Brand B.

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