Pastor Barred From Leading Football Team In Prayer

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“A recent decision to ban chaplains from leading prayers with Orange County public school football teams only hurts the students, a local pastor said Wednesday.

“The district told school leaders and athletic directors last week that chaplains would no longer be allowed after receiving a complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Pastor Troy Schmidt, who has been working with the Olympia High School team for at least six years, replacing other chaplains, said he still plans to prepare meals for the team with his church, First Baptist of Windermere.” *
The Young Turks’ John Iadarola ( and Ana Kasparian ( are joined by Showdown of the Unbeatables host Brian Unger ( and The Pretty Good Podcast host Gina Grad ( to break down the story.

* For more on this story:,0,2716878.story


  1. I guess if people want the freedom to get a spiritual ass whupping in more than just the playing field of sports, we have no choice but to let people have that freedom, even knowing the consequences.

  2. Hurts the students…how? Figuratively? They can’t pray walking from the locker room to the field? I think that instead of praying, try hiring a better football coach.

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