The Insane Things Said at the Men’s Rights Conference

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This past weekend men’s rights activists, known as MRA’s, held the first annual Men’s Rights Conference. The sexist, misogynist, anti-women rhetoric was literally spewing all over the place. Here are just some of the things attendees of the conference said/heard…

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  1. Is it possible to write the things down that were said? Would love to be able to read them at my own pace. KTB


  2. I hate to be “That Guy” but this is just the other side of the coin of what Feminists spout. It doesn’t work no matter what side does it, but both sides have valid points. But neither one is ever going to admit that part of what is says is inherently wrong. So can we just damn all of it completely? I’m just tired of hearing it.

    1. Yeah the only difference is the fact that we get paid more for the same jobs and that little thing that what their fighting for is not to get friend zoned and the other is to stop being murdered and raped by the other sex. I agree any abuse is bad but you shouldn’t have to have a daughter to care about women and know that men and the culture of men is as backwards as countries in the dark ages. I mean who is seriously agreeing with these guys?

      I do see your point to the spectrums of the overstep on any cause but two arguments similar in context dont equate each other when the reality of it’s effects have broad differences. btw,not trying to pick at something just my thoughts on it. good day

      1. The “fact” that we (I assume you mean men) are paid more for the same jobs?
        Can you back that up with any actual evidence or are you just going off of an appeal to majority, assuming that because so many other people say that it must be true?
        Are you aware that the stats showing women earn $0.77 to a man’s $1.00 are based off of the average earnings of both genders across all fields? It is not comparing men and women working the same job, let alone with the same hours and qualifications.
        Those same stats show that women under 30 who have never been married and do not have children, earn more than their male counterparts.

        Can you provide some evidence or even cursory examples of the men’s rights crowd fighting to not get friend zoned? I am curious if you actually bothered to listen to anything talked about at the conference or if you are just going off of what a biased “reporter” has told you in their opinion piece.

        You seem to be claiming that feminism is about fighting to stop women being murdered and raped by men. Are you aware that men are even more likely to be murdered and raped (when you factor in prison rape) than women? It is not a bad thing to want to put an end to murder and rape, but the feminist method has a lot more to do with perpetuating victim hood than any actual solutions. They scream victim blaming and rape apology any time someone so much as suggest that women take precautions that any sane person would call common sense. An analogy: It is horrible that people get hit by cars, but telling drivers not to hit pedestrians is going to have considerably less impact than telling pedestrians to look both ways before crossing the street. Telling men not to rape is going to have a similar effectiveness. It not only puts the blame of all rapists onto all men which is incredibly insulting, but it also ignores the fact that the majority of rapes are committed by a very small minority of repeat offenders. Those individuals already know what they are doing is wrong, so telling them not to do it is about as pointless as asking a politician not to lie.

        Men and the culture of men is as backwards as countries in the dark ages?
        You completely lost me there. What are you making reference to? Or is this another appeal to majority, assuming that people are just going to agree with you simply because you are making a statement that you know will be popular with feminists, even though you don’t support it with anything whatsoever?
        Or was your whole post just an exercise in sarcastic trolling?

  3. It’s MRAs, not MRA’s. There is nothing possessive about that, but everything plural. Just saying.

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