Occupy Founders Launch The After Party in Detroit

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Some of the founding members of the occupy movement are launching a new political party — THE AFTER Party.

Carl Gibson is among them. He says, ” What sets The After Party apart that 364 days out of the year is a humanitarian organization. The way we organize politically, what sets us apart is that finding needs within the community, and then working to meet them using the communities assets.”

And, so is Radio Rahim, yes the real life persona behind the character in Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing.

“There is a little bit of Radio Rahim in everybody (…) we all love our music and we have outrage about different things.”

How will After Party be different than other 3rd party alternatives? Why start a political party at all? And should Mookie have thrown that garbage can through the window of Sal’s Pizzeria?

All of those questions asked and answered this week on Acronym TV. What do you stand for?

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Acronym TV, what do you stand for?

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