Assassinating Citizens Based on NSA Metadata? What Could Go Wrong?

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More controversial news came out this past week about the United States’ drone program, including revelations that the US is targeting another American citizen abroad for assassination, as well as reports that targets for drone strikes are being determined by NSA metadata. In effect, this means that drone strikes may be called in on cell phones rather than individuals, which is almost certain to increase, rather than minimize, the killing of innocent bystanders.

In this segment our panel discusses the legitimacy of drone strikes, the new form of warfare that doesn’t risk soldiers’ lives, the legal basis for targeting Americans for assassination and whether the American drone program is even effective.

Host: Ana Kasparian

Cara Santa Maria: Producer, Co-host – TakePart Live on Pivot TV
Peter Nonacs: UCLA Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Chris Ryan: Author – Sex at Dawn

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