Is 3D TV Actually, Finally Dead?

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Some walked away from the Consumer Electronics Show with a consensus- 3D TV as we knew it is dead. Many articles have claimed the death of 3D TV with glasses as an all-but dead medium after years of of promotion from manufacturers. Was 3D television all an expensive gimmick? 4K TVs are claiming the crown as the next wave of high definition pictures, but will they too fail to find footing? Or are 3D TV’s naysayers just plain wrong about it being a dying fad?

Kim Horcher, Tim Frisch, and special guest Ivan Van Norman discuss the changes on the horizon.

Ivan Van Norman:

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  1. I was never interested in 3D, and I think it’s stupid and pointless. However, the new 4K Ultra HD looks amazing, and I’d love to have one of those TVs.

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