November 21, 2013 Hour 1

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Historic filibuster reform is discussed, with the possibility of the Senate Democrats going NUCLEAR.  Harry Reid threatens this nuclear option, much to Mitch McConnell’s ire.

Martin Bashir’s comment on taking a shit in Sarah Palin’s mouth is discussed. Cenk discusses how the Republicans and Fox News are acting butthurt over it, and how Joe Scarborough goes to Phil Griffin to bitch everytime his feelings are hurt. Obama is having us stay in Afghanistan until 2024, even though he is acting like we are getting out. Only 8,000-12,000 are withdrawing over the next 10 years. Fox news vilifies homeless people in an investigation done by John Stossel.

Trey Radel apologizes for his hypocrisy, and is taking a leave of absence. Cenk has a Wolf PAC update on Representatives that are fighting to take money out of politics. Twitter Storm with Richard Strom.


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