November 6, 2013 Hour 2

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Ana Kasparian joins Cenk for the second hour. Ana is working on a documentary project along with the Center for Investigative Reporting about the forced sterilization of female inmates in the California prison system.  In yesterdays election, Portland, Maine became the first city to legalize recreational marijuana. The vote is largely symbolic at this point with state and federal prohibition laws overriding the new city policy. After the recent heated interview of Russel Brand by Jeremy Paxman, it turns out the two Brits have more in common than the exchange let on. Paxman didn’t vote in a recent election either from a feeling of futility and lack of quality candidates and also recognizes money’s undue influence in politics and policy making.

Bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan is still an ongoing problem. The kidnapping of potential wives by their suitors is a tradition within the culture and is sometimes consensual, however ⅔ of cases are by force. In the end, over 80% of those kidnapped are convinced, sometimes through coercion, into marriage by family members of both parties. A new concept car that uses thorium, a radioactive metal, as fuel could possibly run for a century on 8 grams of the metal. The new concept engine design would use a thorium generated laser that would then heat water to power turbine generators. 86 year old Joy Johnson, the oldest woman ever to complete the New York City marathon, died the day after the race. Two British teens dress as the exploding twin towers of the world trade center attack for Halloween. The costume included victims jumping from the upper levels. The two college girls won a contest with their costume entry.

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