November 6, 2013 Hour 1

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Cenk Uygur hosting from YouTube Space LA. Indiegogo update time. The 65% mark has been reached. The new Young Turks shirt will make anybody look like a badass and it’s now a perk. With the election of Bill De Blasio, the Bloomberg era is over in NYC. Mayor-elect De Blasio won the election over Republican nominee Joseph Lhota by nearly 50 points! Chris Christie, Republican governor of New Jersey, was re-elected in one of the bluest states in the country. Governor Christie outspent his opponent roughly $11M to $2M, exploiting his ties to Wall st. Speculation about Christie’s presidential aspirations are ongoing and it seems likely he will run in 2016. Aside from Gov. Chris Christie, Republicans and conservatives got hammered in yesterday’s elections and propositions. Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe defeats Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia gubernatorial race. Democratic State Senator Ralph Northam resoundingly defeats E.W. Jackson, despite Jackson’s ridiculous ads. In all cases, the candidate with the most money won their respective election. Barbara Buono, Christie’s democratic opponent, accused fellow state Democrats, the Democratic Governors Association, and President Obama of abandoning her in her campaign efforts during her concession speech last night.

With the election of Bill De Blasio for mayor of NYC, NYPD Chief Ray Kelly will be out of a job soon. He is now in talks with JP Morgan Chase for the head of security position where he could make over $1M a year in salary. Ray Kelly has always worked for the banks as his actions during Occupy Wall St made clear, now it is official. Judge Napolitano argues against raising the minimum wage both on the state and federal level based on supply and demand reasoning. On the surface his arguments are somewhat valid, however if the minimum wage had kept in proportion with worker productivity, the minimum wage would be over $20/hr by some estimates. New Jersey passed a measure raising the state minimum wage by a dollar. Former White House Chief of Staff under George W. Bush, Andy Card, ironically accuses President Obama of losing credibility after misleading the American people on the details of the ACA. In case you’ve forgotten like Andy apparently has, here’s a litany of some of the misleading statements of the Bush administration.

Researchers in Australia have found a correlation between gun ownership and symbolic racism. The findings were published in the journal Plos One. The study included many controls were included in the methodology including party affiliation and income. Many opposers to the new ENDA legislation are falsely claiming that its potential protections against gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination are already covered by existing legislation. This is Speaker Boehner and House Republican reasoning and it is false.

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