October 28, 2013 Hour 1

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Cenk Uygur hosting from YouTube Space LA. Cenk gives an Indiegogo campaign update. Spain is the latest country that has come to light in the NSA spying scandal. The NSA spied on 60 million phone calls over the course of a month at the end of last year as reported by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo along with Glenn Greenwald. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also spied on by the NSA. It also turns out that President Obama knew about the spying all along.  Not only did Obama know about the ongoing spying, he refused to put an end to it. Many major establishment media outlets have used pro-surveillance language when reporting the NSA spying scandals. On this issue there isn’t a liberal bias at all, despite what conservatives would like to think.

The Indiegogo campaign has reached the $90k mark! After pushback from conservatives, Senator Marco Rubio has backtracked on his efforts for a comprehensive immigration reform bill. This is most likely part of Rubio’s plan for running for president and immigration reform would not play well with the rabid conservative base in a primary race. Senator McCain had to take a similar stance in 2008 with his own immigration reform proposals. Shaquille O’Neal appears in an ad endorsing Gov. Chris Christie for his reelection campaign. Nearly 300 oil spills have gone unreported in North Dakota since January 2012. The lack of reporting appears to be due to reliance on self-regulation by the oil industry which is laughable.

Cenk reads #TYTLive tweets. 57 corporations of the S&P 500 have managed to pay effective tax rates of 0% through loopholes, off-shore tax-havens, and other accounting tricks. It’s a TYT Lighting Round!

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