October 7, 2013 Hour 1

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Cenk Uygur hosting from YouTube Space LA. Cenk announces the TYT Indiegogo campaign. Fox News unveils a new studio called the “Deck” which resembles the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. The new TYT studio will look nothing like this. Phew. Justice Scalia gives an interview to New York Magazine and says some pretty wacky stuff. Aren’t you glad he’s 1/9th of the third branch of the federal government?  The US Supreme court announces it will not hear the appeal by Virginia Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, on the state’s overturned sodomy ban.

Cenk reads #TYTLive tweets. Speaker Boehner appears on This Week and repeatedly asserts he will not change his position on the government shutdown and the continuing resolution bill. The Koch brothers and conservative think-tanks have been planning blocking strategies of the implementation of the ACA for months if not years. A government shutdown is just one plan of action devised. Astroturf movements ala the Tea Party and its offshoots are another.

The division and polarization of the Republican party continues over the government shutdown, pitting the Tea Party wing against the corporate wing of the GOP. Recent polling suggests that this division may cost the GOP the House in the next election cycle. A “grand bargain” on social programs may be on the horizon, if bargain means screwing that is.


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