September 12, 2013 Hour 2

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Cenk and Ana hosting.  Cenk announces that this is the last show to be recorded in the Current studio.  Kanye West video – Ana reads the lyrics.  Billy Ray Cyrus defends Miley Cyrus’ video.

Man sentenced to prison after keeping a sex slave for 6 years.  Millennials are so dependent on their parents that some want to bring their parents on job interviews.  Bar in Cleveland that is a victim of anti-gay violence.  The city complained about repeated calls to the police from the same establishment, calling it an undue burden.

Member shout outs.  UN interviewed people in Asia to find out about violence against women.  10% of men admitted to rape. In Papua New Guinea 60% of men admitted to forcing a woman to have sex.  High numbers of men admitted to rape by the study’s definitions.  Pink slime is the throw-away tissue of cows and it can be processed into meat.  Many school districts decided to not sell pink slime, but now some districts are bringing it back.  Corporate interests are bringing it back. Self regulation doesn’t work.  Five aquifers discovered in Kenya.  Cenk talks about how he has fun in the shower and sometimes splurges there.


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