August 27, 2013 Hour 2

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Ana joins Cenk for SCS.  Upcoming TYT Meetups.  Pat Robertson came to the revelation that HIV is transmitted through sex and admitted that it would be a bad idea to have sex with an elderly man that has the virus.  He went on to say that some gays in SF wear a ring that will cut others in order to spread the virus.  Financial lending companies are looking into a potential customer’s Facebook friends’ credit with them to decide whether or not to approve a loan.

At least 54 abortion providers have shut down across the country since Conservatives have launched their attack on clinics that support women’s rights.  The Air Force has banned a particular flavor of Chobani Greek yogurt because it contains hemp seeds, which containes very small traces of THC.   A female reporter was interviewing the mayor of a town and as she asked about laws against topless, she went topless.

Member Thanks.  An African American student at the Univ of Texas was the victim of a “bleach bomb” where someone threw a balloon full of bleach and chemicals at him, burning his leg.  He thinks it was racially motivated.  NJ has alimony payments that last forever, no matter how much the man makes.  One former financial industry professional/millionaire still has to pay his ex-wife over $100K/year even though he can’t afford it anymore, forcing him to be thrown into jail many times in the past few months.


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