July 12, 2013 Hour 2

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Ana & David Rubin join Cenk and Ben for SCS.  MSNBC showed a picture of the dead body of Trayvon Martin on the grass.  Video of Geraldo declaring that Zimmerman will be acquitted because the jury of 6 women would’ve shot and killed Trayvon even faster than Zimmerman did.


A group of hackers decided to ban the U.S. spying agency from going to their yearly convention in light of the Snowden information.  Justin Bieber called former President Bill Clinton and apologized for screaming, “Fuck You” at a poster of him while pissing in a mop bucket in public.  A man threw a handful of semen at a woman in WalMart before following her.  Another female teacher has been arrested for having sex with one of her male students.  Since she married the boy, the charges have been dropped.  Actress Leah Remini has cut ties with the Church of Scientology.


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