June 6, 2013 Hour 2

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David Rubin and Cenk.  Cenk reads Tweets.  Speculation about if Gore had been President in 2000.  David Rubin asks Cenk about the first hour.  Cenk talks about how getting money out of politics is the key. Theory that Obama released all of these scandals at once to flood out the media, so it will all go away sooner.  A 78 year old Chinese man attempted suicide on camera at the Today Show.  Putin is getting divorced after 30 years.


Jay Leno will be replaced next year by Jimmy Fallon.  He’s taken a turn to the right in his jokes.  Rumor that he might look for work at Fox.  Michelle Obama heckled at a fund raiser by a gay activist.  Lady who won Powerball cut in line, and the woman who was right behind her is taking it gracefully.  How much should the winner give to the other woman?

A new way to drink – inhaling and smoking your alcohol of choice.  Can cause health problems, but you get drunk without the calories.  Justin Beiber.



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