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When The Best Liar Wins

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While covering the Democratic and Republican debates in Miami, Florida, a Bernie Sanders supporter talked to me about presidential elections. “The best liar wins; millions are spent to award the biggest liar,” he said. He’s right. Ronald Reagan ignited conservative orgasms throughout America by telling us “government is the problem.” He then used his government to lift the oh-so–struggling plutocrat …

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Dispatches From The Donald Trump Swamps

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My shoes were muddy to the lace. My brain, on the verge of aneurysm. After flying in from New York to Columbus, Ohio, I drove lickety split to a little outside Cincinnati to get to a Sunday Donald Trump rally. The actual rally was unremarkable—one protester kicked out, the remaining time the typical stream-of-consciousness, policy and specifics-less Trump speech, with some audience …

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Donald Trump and The Post-Truth Era

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Amidst a Game-of-Thrones battle scene of reporters positioning to ask Donald Trump a question after the Miami Republican debate, I heard him tell a lie. When asked about reports that his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski forcibly pulled Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields by the arm when she asked the GOP frontrunner a question, Trump said, “Nothing happened. This was, in …

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Breaking: TV News Doesn’t Want To Inform You

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As I travel across the country for The Young Turks covering the presidential campaign for TYT Politics, a fact I always suspected has smacked me in the face with confirmation. Voters are really misinformed, and in some cases, completely uninformed. There’s many reasons for that, but only one can be cited as the driving force for this post-intellectual era. Our …

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Why Bernie Sanders Won Super Tuesday

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Bernie won Super Tuesday! Let me explain why. Going into tonight it was unclear what was going to happen because the polling was so shoddy in some states, especially Colorado and Minnesota. Those two states are so important because of what they mean for the future. It turns out that Hillary Clinton won all of the states she was supposed …