Official Freak 16 GOP Presidential Candidate Bracket from TYT

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Click to view the Printable Freak 16 Bracket

The Freak Sixteen Seedings

Click to view the 2016 GOP Freak 16 Seedings (from Cenk Uygur)

The gaffes! The polls! The panders! With the 2016 Presidential election a mere 15 months away, the news media is already dishing out its usual frenzy of pointless campaign coverage.

Today the battle for the Republican nomination – a wide open race filled with dark horses and dark money – is capturing the lion’s share of media attention. And why not? With 16 announced candidates, the GOP nod could be anyone’s for the taking. Or could it?

That’s for you to decide in this, the first ever edition of what we’re calling the TYT Freak Sixteen.

We’ve divided the Republican field into brackets with each candidate seeded 1 through 16. Now we want you to go to the TYT app and make your Round One picks, choosing which GOP hopeful you think will prevail in each of the head-to-head matchups until you’ve arrived at an overall winner.

The printable bracket is to the left. We’ll tabulate your votes and announce the first round winners in a week.

Will Jeb Bush work the longer hours necessary to win? Can union-busting Scott Walker bust his way through to the nomination? Will Donald Trump build an impenetrable wall of GOP primary votes – and make the other candidates pay for it? We want to know what you think, so go fill out your brackets, and do it… RIGHT AWAY!!!