Jayar Jackson is a senior producer and contributor for The Young Turks. He leads the daily planning, producing, analyzing of political content alongside video editing for the show. He can also be seen on TYT Sports as co-host to Rick Strom.

The “Jayar Rated” segment on The Young Turks incorporates his carefully crafted videos exposing political corruption and lies with his expertise on race and class in American society, police brutality, and corporate influence in politics.

He’s hosted YouTube’s Live Summit for Social Change in London where he interviewed hip hop icon, Common. He’s also appeared on a panel in Charleston, South Carolina to discuss the intersection of political activism and new media activism.

He is nicknamed, “The Political Assassin,” by Eric B. of old school hip hip group, Eric B & Rakim. Jayar graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in History & Social Sciences with a minor in Annenberg’s School of Journalism, where he was also a track superstar. He has covered high school football for the LA Daily News and the San Diego Chargers for Pro Football News Network.

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