Hasan Piker  is a political commentator on TYT Network and the creator of “The Breakdown” for The Young Turks on Facebook. His viral clips breaking down the corruption and hypocrisies of US politics have been seen by millions of young people worldwide.

Hasan covers everything that can be looped under Republican propaganda but his main focus is on talking about immigration, income inequality, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, Muslim rights, intersectional feminism, gun control, and foreign policy’s impact in the Middle East.

His achievements range from making Charlie Kirk sweat on stage at Politicon in front of a packed auditorium, to appearances on BuzzFeed, C-SPAN, TMZ, and CNBC. Hasan has also led panels on gun control, climate change, Islam’s portrayal in the western world, women’s rights in the workplace, and racism in sports.

Hasan used to be a professional equestrian. He now spends most of his time getting angry, writing, yelling at a camera, working out and eating pounds of meal prepped chicken breasts.

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