Emma Vigeland is the primary host of TYT Politics, as well as the channel’s producer. You can find her reporting on political corruption and (what kind of hypocrisy) hypocrisy, as well as interviewing candidates and covering grassroots progressive movements across the country. She prides herself on her thoroughly researched reports, and encourages her fellow political junkies to subscribe.

Emma began working for TYT as an intern, and slowly climbed her way into a permanent position with the company. Emma was an avid fan of The Young Turks before she joined TYT, finding solace in Cenk Uygur’s honest coverage of the 20xt08 election in a sea of mainstream media hot air.

Emma is a graduate of Lafayette College, where she majored in Government and Law and wrote her honors thesis on campaign finance reform. She is a dogmatic New York Giants and New York Rangers fan. Her guilty pleasures include reading celebrity gossip and obsessively watching awards shows.

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