1. Its late Tuesday, still can’t find where I can watch this show that Cenk keeps promoting. You guys aren’t new at this internet video posting thing, please stop acting like it.

  2. Please sort this out…paying members would like to see Rather when we are able…pull your finger out and give us podcast/archive for Dan Rather… embarrassingly unprofessional. ..

  3. I am a paying menber so when can we access Dan Rather’s show? Some of us have to work for a living and can’t watch live.

  4. is it unreasonable to think that with your recent windfall, investors parked in tyt ….that something as old as his first show is archived and, easily avaialbe to, us, paying members?

    ***I checked out the members’ only livestream that day (*only* thirty minutes late). Usually being late is never a problem to livestreams, since we can rewind during the ‘lives’… Dan Rather was nowhere viewable in the playback scroller thingy

  5. Super excited for this. I’m sure you guys are working on it but wanted to add to the voices hoping this gets archived. And on top of that, think you guys could podcast it?

  6. Come on guys! where is the feed? I only caught the last 2 mins of it and was stunned. I want to see what I missed!

  7. Dan Rather on TYT is a jaw dropping moment… now where is his video??? I can’t see a link to his first show any where…

  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! This is CRAZY!! I love Dan Rather, I had no idea he would be the type to join TYT though. My brain has exploded with excitedment!!! TYT just got massive amounts of credibility.

    1. yea…. wtf. why dont they upload his stuff? they cant do it with all those millions they got from investprs some months back?

  9. I just subscribed because TYT is ALWAYs glitchy on YouTube. (Never understood that, TYT is the only YouTube video that is terrible.) Since I have to watch Mr. Rather there, should I cancel my subscription?

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