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Jonathan Larsen
Managing editor, TYT Investigates

Welcome to TYT Investigates, launched by The Young Turks to do the kind of original, enterprise, investigative journalism that implicates policy issues too often ignored by national media.

We’re not here to be the story, we’re here to break the story. Because it’s way past time our mainstream civic and political discourse grappled with the big, systemic problems we’re facing in a way that’s both fact-based and capable of driving change.A lot of outlets already do great, important journalism. Our hope is to do the same … in a way that sticks. We don’t want just to shine a light, we want to open the doors for that light to reach enough people to change the conversation. This is where you come in.

Our reporting won’t shy from naming the corporate CEOs who push for economic policies that benefit them. We won’t go after a generic “Congress” when there’s a specific member of Congress responsible.

We want you to have the information you need for holding those in power responsible. Not to shame or doxx or harass them—but to make them publicly accountable for the human toll of the policies they push. Our goal is to raise questions for which better popular understanding of policy is the answer. You can help by telling people about the stories we break—so that more and more people get the facts we need to make things better, and more and more people are engaging in the informed, substantive debates we need to get there.

So, thanks for being here, reading this. We’ve posted some of the earlier work by members of our reporting team for you to check out. Today, we’ll be breaking our first TYT Investigates story about two of America’s biggest corporations … and the number one thing America’s corporations want more than anything right now. So follow us on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss or any of the other exclusive stories already in the pipeline.

Because we can’t use facts to win the argument, until we use them to change the conversation.


  1. I can’t wait for the new content!
    Cenk and Gang are without exaggeration a critical linchpin that is not only holding up a higher standard for News Media across the country, but has also become a catalyst for change in a Political landscape which has been rigged AGAINST real Democracy for many years.
    Head’s up, Baddies; the Plebs are staging a comeback!

  2. This makes me happier then a polar bear before global warming! TYT for life. I need a non-treating, yet mildly offensive, TYT gang sign to throw at my snow flake friends. #foodfprthought

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