TYT Reaches $2 Million in Fundraising Campaign

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Network Hires Andrew Jones to Join Roster of Nine Contributors Hired Throughout 5-Month Campaign

LOS ANGELES – May 15, 2017 – TYT Network (www.TYTNetwork.com), the largest online news and politics network, announced today that it has completed its $2 million crowdfunding campaign and hired political, culture and sports reporter Andrew Jones to join its growing team of investigative reporters and news commentators.

Prior to joining The Young Turks, Jones’ work has been featured in outlets including The Intercept, The Guardian, Salon, Vox Media’s SB Nation, Talking Points Memo, MSNBC, The Raw Story, Ebony Magazine, Wall Street Journal, AlterNet and Fusion Network. He has also made media appearances at Al Jazeera English, Huffington Post’s HuffPost Live and RT Network.

The Young Turks launched the crowdfunding campaign in December with the goal of keeping the Trump administration and establishment politicians accountable through true investigative journalism. At each key fundraising milestone of the campaign, The Young Turks have announced a new team of reporters and commentators, including Dylan Ratigan (News Commentator, Advisor, Tastytrade, Founder, Helical Holdings and former MSNBC host), Ryan Grim (News Commentator, Washington Bureau Chief for The Intercept), Nomiki Konst (Investigative Reporter, Host of “The Filter” on SiriusXM), Shaun King (News Commentator, Senior Justice Writer for New York Daily News), Michael Tracey (Investigative Reporter), Jonathan Larsen (Managing Editor, formerly of Al Jazeera America), David Sirota (News Commentator and Senior Editor for Investigations at The International Business Times) and Naomi LaChance (Investigative Reporter, formerly of The Intercept).

“This campaign has showed us that there’s a great wave coming – a populist, progressive wave that demands accountability, transparency and authenticity out of all of our establishments, particularly the media” said TYT Network CEO and Founder, Cenk Uygur. “Our fans were so hungry for this kind of change that they collectively donated $2 million, and we’re incredibly thankful for that. With our team of eight new reporters and editors, TYT will continue to hold the establishment and parties in power accountable through true investigative journalism.”

The Young Turks have had success with crowdfunding in the past. In 2013, The Young Turks hosted an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a new studio space. With an initial goal of $250,000, the Network ultimately raised more than $400,000 to build a state of the art studio and newsroom in Culver City, California.

For more information on TYT Network, please visit www.TYTNetwork.com.


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