The Young Turks hire David Sirota, Jonathan Larsen, and Dylan Ratigan

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After passing $1.5 million in their crowdfunding campaign, The Young Turks announced the hiring of David Sirota, Dylan Ratigan, and Jonathan Larsen on Thursday’s show. Sirota and Ratigan will contribute to The Young Turks as news commentators while Larsen joins as the network’s first managing editor. They join Nomiki Konst, Shaun King, Ryan Grim, and Michael Tracey as TYT’s latest hires.

The crowdfunding campaign started in December. The Young Turks is $500,000 away from reaching it’s goal of $2 million.


  1. I have to say that it’s really great to see Dylan Ratigan on board with the Young Turks! Used to watch his show on MSNBC back when they were almost progressive. Everyone else is great too–Nomiki seems sharp as a tack–super smart. I began watching right after Ana started on the show–man, has this place grown!! Very exciting.

  2. Said it before on Twitter, but I’ll say it again welcome aboard, guys.

    What I haven’t said on twitter: new hires are 6 men and 1 woman.

    I ask that you work to even that up for the last round? Perhaps an international reporter? Perhaps one that covered the Umbrella revolution? ;)

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