Secretary Tom Perez Answers Nomiki Konst’s Tough Questions

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Secretary Perez Answers Nomiki Konst’s Tough Questions About DNC Consultants & His Lack Of Bernie Support


  1. The reason Democrats lost many states is because they ran on flawed policy. That’s because they’ve failed to listen to progressives. For example, progressives regularly complained about TPP, but President Obama tried to push it through and many Democrats aided it. (My Representative voted for fast track twice, even though he’s in a Democratic state with a Democratic district.) Just running better campaigns won’t do the trick.

    As for Bernie supporters, as a guy who maxed out on contributing to his campaign, I think I qualify. I’m not supporting Perez for Chair. I think we’d be better served by Ellison. He’s no panacea, but at least it would signal that the party got the message after the last election. It was clear from who Hillary Clinton picked for VP and other posts that she didn’t get the message. That’s likely one reason she lost. If the Democratic Party is going to start winning, it needs to show it’s prepared to run on a progressive agenda.

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