Bill Press Show Joins as TYT Network Partner

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Eyeing Washington D.C. Market, The Young Turks Names New Network Partner

By: Geoff Weiss
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The Young Turks, which operates a multi-channel network called TYT Network, has added another show to its roster: The Bill Press Show. The progressive talk show broadcasts daily from Capitol Hill, and marks a bid by The Young Turks, which bills itself as the largest millennial-focused online news and politics network, to expand its presence in Washington, D.C.

Other creators signed to TYT Network include The Richard Fowler Show, Secular Talk, and The Majority Report With Sam Seder. TYT Network provides marketing and promotional aid to partners, as well as help with back-end YouTube functionalities, and it also helps foster collaborations.

“Bill has a longstanding record of fighting for equal rights and social justice on television and radio,” said TYT Network’s chief business officer, Steve Oh, in a statement. “We look forward to working with him to take that fight to digital platforms.”

Following The Richard Fowler Show, Press’ show marks the second within the TYT Network to broadcast from Washington D.C. as the company aims to establish a larger presence there, according to a release. Press is a member of the White House press corps and writes a syndicated column for Tribune Media Services. He is also the former chairman of California’s Democratic National Party and the former host of CNN’s Spin Room and Crossfire.

TYT Network, which says it receives 150 million monthly views per month across all platforms, has seen its popularity explode in the wake of the election. On Nov. 8, for instance, the network’s flagship news program, co-hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, drew more than 4.5 million total hits across three separate 12-hour live streams on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, smashing all previous viewership records. Other YouTube channels represented by TYT Network include What the Flick?!, ThinkTank, Pop Trigger, Nerd Alert, and The Jimmy Dore Show.


  1. I’ve never actually even heard of him before, I’m going to have to listen to what he has to say before I can accurately assess who he is and whether he will be a good fit, but I like that we are pushing out aggressively, I think that’s exactly what needs to happen. Thanks for the update!!

  2. Even though he was a Bernie Sanders supporter, I see Bill Press as part of the problem. He spent more of his air time covering the primary circus and the candidates’ personalities and jabs at each other rather than substantive issues, Rarely did he talk about where Republican candidates stood on issues. He had a reporter come onto his show every Tuesday morning to talk about the water crisis in Flint , Michigan. Great reports, but Bill always had to ask opinion on latest Republican talking point which took away from the main report. I am not sure why he could not just stick to substantive issues for most of his three hours. When he returned to CNN, I did not hear any criticism of their debacle of reporting, or absence of reporting. I stopped listening when his show sounded just like the rest of corporate media and covering only non-news. His books are good, but pretty low-key.

  3. I listened to Bill Press back in ’08 during the Obamacare fight and for a while after that on 92.1 The Mic in Madison, WI. He was very much an Obama Cheerleader back then and at that point that was what I wanted to hear. It’s been at least six years since I’ve listened to his show but I wonder how he fits in under TYT’s umbrella. Seems like a good addition to a portfolio but I can’t see him on a skiff with pirate hat on preparing to board the DNC ship. I see him peeking over the railing and deciding to head below-deck. It would be interesting to see him on-screen with Jimmy Dore :-D

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