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Fearlessly Nerdy.

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Rule 1, the only rule: Wheaton’s Law.

What does this mean? In short, “Don’t be a dick,” as coined by Wil Wheaton.

Dissenting opinions- perfectly fine! Any rational discussion or criticism is welcome. We don’t get better if we shut our eyes and ears to others and refuse to do anything but dig ourselves further into our own opinions.

Personal attacks and epithets? Good luck with that one. We believe in being better- in reasoned discussion, in progressing to a better place. The Nerd Alert audience is an awesome group of intelligent people, and we cater to that.


Debate, disagreement, and discourse are awesome.

Personal put-downs and threats are not.

Please be awesome– this is the Nerd Alert way regardless of what “side” you’re on or who you’re talking to.

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