Dancing In Her BMW Lands Black Woman In Mental Hospital

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A lawsuit has been filed against the NYPD after a woman was arrested for driving without her hand on the wheel. Kamilah Brock was arrested and put in a mental hospital after being stopped at a red light a few years ago.

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian (The Point) hosts of The Young Turks discuss. If this case turns out to be true, is there any doubt that that we have a serious problem with race and law enforcement.? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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The NYPD is facing a lawsuit from a woman who claims she was mistakenly put into a mental hospital, simply because police didn’t believe she owned her own BMW.

Kamilah Brock, a 32-year-old banker from Long Island, was pulled over in Harlem for allegedly driving without her hands on the wheel. She was arrested, then released without charges.

“I was confused and did not know what was going on, why I was being taken into custody,” Brock said to PIX11. “The officer said, ‘why are you driving without your hands on the wheel?’ I said I was dancing, I am at a light, he asked me to get out of the car.”


  1. I had something very similar happen to me in 2008. Due to me having a coughing attack on a flight about 30 minutes after take off from SFO to JFK. Long story short I was met by officers upon landing in JFK who took me to the local station after handcuffing me and telling me not to worry, that I hadnt done anything wrong, they just needed to make sure I was ok. Once we arrived they handcuffed me to a pole with my arm across my chest. Mind you Im having a breathing issue.After being bombarded with many questions a man said that it was just procedure but they were going to take me to the hospital to “make sure I was ok”. After I got in the ambulance the paramedic kept saying your doing good just stay calm then out of know where hits me in my arm… black out and flashes for the next 4 days. 7 days and 5 shots of haldol later while being pinned down I was finally released. oh ya … the 6 day I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Brontosaurus. That situtation has ruined my life. I am a shadow of the person I used to be. I hope she doesnt go thru that also.

    1. Lol Chronic Bronchitis. And for those of you that dont know haldol is the replacement for Thorazine which is the replacement for the lobotomy. It does long term damage that appears later even with just one dose.

    2. i hope that policeman gets deleted from the force,

      hes not compatible to the uSA constitution

      i hope that women gets

      the rights that belong to here, and gets compasated for the NY police taking here rights away

      1. my personal story was

        i walked across a green light and the police put me in jail

        then they called their favorid doctor who proclaimed me insane

        when i was in the hospital

        the staff told me they reenforced their hospital scince my last escape

        in germany you goto escape then come back to be free

        when i told the doctor i live in my house
        he told me im crazy
        when i showed my keyes he told me im crazy
        when i sayed test it
        he said your crazy i don t need to test anything
        luckily when the judge came i got conected o my father, who said everything i said is true

        everything i said was true

        the doctor is the insane person

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