Next Gen 2015: YouTube’s Top 30 Influencers

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Subscriber count means little for these online stars, who were chosen by marketing powerhouse Ogilvy & Mather based on their reach, fan engagement and growth rate across social media.

Step off a New York subway or drive a Los Angeles Freeway and it’s hard to miss billboards promoting YouTube’s biggest stars by the size of their fan bases. But how much value do beauty guru Michelle Phan’s 8 million subscribers really have?

Marketing giant Ogilvy & Mather believes that subscriber numbers mean a lot less than a creator’s ability to build a community. So Ogilvy has put together a list of the 30 online stars with the most-engaged fans as part of a larger paper in partnership with mobile community platform Victorious on the new social contract. “There’s a bias of looking at the world through the lens of TV,” says Rob Davis, executive director of content and video marketing at Ogilvy. “The value of TV is the value of the eyeballs that are tuned in at any given moment, but I think it has taken a while for marketers to understand that the value of online communities has another layer to it.”

Ogilvy weighed an online star’s reach, engagement and growth rate across YouTube, Vine and social media to determine the top three creators across 10 categories (listed alphabetically below). Says Davis, “We found that some of the people with massive audiences weren’t growing a community.”

The Young Turks

Category: News

Brian Ach/Getty Images for Webby Awards

Brian Ach/Getty Images for Webby Awards

Political news network The Young Turks has grown from YouTube to channels on Hulu and Roku and their own app, which debuted as the No. 28 news app in Apple’s App Store. The YouTube channel, co-created byCenk Uygur, today has 2.3 million subscribers and 2.2 billion views, showing the engagement of its audience.

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