The Young Turks Debut Their New Studio

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A construction project nearly two years in the making has been completed. The Young Turks, whose progressive news and commentary videos have accumulated more than two billion views across a network of related channels, have debuted a new studio space funded by contributions from fans.

The new studio space, designed and fabricated by Erector Sets, contains all the bright colors, flashy screens, and varied camera angles of a modern TV news set. On June 22nd, Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur took the network’s flagship show to the new studio for the first time, and some technical difficulties ensured. “We had a little bit of a delay,” explained Uygur in his opening monologue. “There’s so many monitors and lights in here that, at some point…we blew out a circuit. There’s too much power in here. The problem was the new TYT set is too strong.”


Photo By: Tim Collins

Photo By: Tim Collins


The Young Turks pushed for a new studio after the provider of their previous space, Current TV, was acquired by Al Jazeera. In October 2013, they launched an Indiegogo campaign hoping to raise $250,000 to fund the project. Ultimately, TYT blew that goal out of the water, surpassing it by more than $150,000, and construction on the new facility began shortly thereafter. As the new studio began to take shape, The Young Turks providedoccasional updates on its status.

With its new home completed, TYT can focus on providing the progressive coverage its 2.1 million subscribers crave. New videos arrive on the network’s primary YouTube channel each day.

Photo credit: Tim Collins/TYT


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