Open Carry Experiment Exposes Racist Cops [VIDEO]

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We talk on and off on the show, theoretically, about how an open carry advocate would be treated incredibly different if he was white or if he was black. Some open carry advocates decided to actually test it.

John Iadarola ( and Jimmy Dore ( discuss the details of the story. Are the cops enforcing a double standard? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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“That’s where their similarities end. It’s awfully strange how the NRA-sponsored GOP loves open carry — and law enforcement tolerates it — but not when black people do it.

The two men each went on their open carry strolls as someone followed with a video camera. The videos — which they spliced together and shared on Live Leak — show encounters with police that are disturbingly different.

The video first shows the white man — who hails from the state of Oregon and posts lots of YouTube videos of his open carry adventures under his Marked Guardian handle — getting approached by a cop. The police officer clearly dislikes the AR 15, demands Marked Guardian’s I.D., and asks a few questions. Marked Guardian refuses to give the officer his ID, explaining that open carry is perfectly legal in their state. And that’s it.”

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