Big Sean Gets Checked By Ariana Grande’s Dad After Posting Sexual Instagram Caption?

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UPDATE: The account from which the comment came from was FAKE. Her dad did not actually say that to him.


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Samantha Schacher, host of Pop Trigger, Brett Erlich, and Ryland Adams (Clevver News) break it down.

“Big Sean and Ariana Grande fans were dying over a comment left on one of the rapper’s selfies that looked to be from the singer’s father.

The picture, which showed Sean posted with a Detroit fitted cap on, had a caption that read, “I give her that D… #Detroit,” a lyric from his verse on the hit song “Mercy.”

Under the comments, someone with the name Edward Butera (Ariana’s father’s name) left the comment, “that D. better be Detroit Sean.”

Is that one of the most amazing comments you could ever read from a celeb dad? Yes! Is it actually a comment left by a celeb dad? No.”

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