Paris Terrorist Attack On Charlie Hebdo Satire Magazine News + Analysis

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A terrorist attack in Paris at the headquarters of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo this morning left at least twelve people dead. The suspects have since been identified as Islamist extremists Said Kouachi, Cherif Kouachi, and Hamyd Mourad. We discuss France’s reaction to the attack, homegrown terrorism in France and what is known about the three suspected gunmen with Counter Terrorism Expert Fabrice Magnier in this uncensored episode of Media Mayhem hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

Fabrice Magnier is a Counter Terrorism Expert and former French Commando.

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00:01 Introducing Fabrice Magnier.
01:10 How are the people of France handling the attack that occurred in Paris?
01:44 Charlie Hebdo magazine and the lack of security around the building even though they had been threatened before.
03:24 France’s homegrown terrorist cells that they have been dealing with for years.
05:15 France’s long tradition of satire. Are the citizens supporting magazines and newspapers in their continued use of satire, even after the attack?
07:54 Clip: News broadcast of the shootings in Paris.
08:50 How did authorities figure out who orchestrated the attacks?
13:00 How do you fight homegrown terrorism in France?
16:30 What is known about the three suspects?
17:18 Now that the suspects are in custody, will there be a shift in laws to help keep them in jail forever?
18:25 Thank you and goodbye.

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