Jon Stewart Enrages Right Winger, First Over Gaza, Then It Gets Personal

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“Conservative radio host Mark Levin went on a rant today against Jon Stewart over a bit he did Monday night over the current crisis in Israel, a bit that really offended Levin and led him to call Stewart a “knee-jerk idiot” (as well as questioning Stewart changing his last name).

Levin said that Israel is doing whatever it can to limit civilian casualties and so he was offended at Stewart joking about how Gazans are being warned about bombings and how they have no place safe to escape to. Levin cried, “Have you f’ing seen Israel, you little twerp? Have you f’ing seen what surrounds Israel, you little twerp?””* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Josh Feldman / Mediaite:


  1. As humans we are born with hate and love in us … but lets focus on hate:
    If we are to hate; hate vapidness and character flaws. Start with yourself …. then move outward.
    These are the only two things I hate. I hate intensely, and I love far far more because of it.

  2. Great presentation Martin Luther King. You shocked up with those words didn’t you so did i. Love is the answer !! Dick Cheney is a but head. Give him another new heart maybe it will work this time !!!Peace!!

  3. This was great i love John.!! Good Fun. The poor Palestinians. They are dealing with the bully on the school yard now. What a joke. Good Job Young Turks Peace!!!

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