Valedictorian Rips Up Graduation Speech, Recites Prayer Instead

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High school valedictorian Roy Costner swapped his pre-approved graduation speech for the Lord’s Prayer, quickly becoming an Internet sensation. Watch as Roy rips up his speech in protest before launching into prayer. Tweet:

Do you think public schools should include prayers at graduation ceremonies? What do you think of Roy’s decision to swap out his speech for a prayer? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’ve grew up Christian and have always felt awkward praying with other people. I would only pray to myself sometimes before meals or alone before bed. It had nothing to do with being ashamed of my beliefs, but they are MY beliefs. They are for me and don’t really need to be shared with anyone else, especially a whole auditorium full of people at a graduation. You can definitely tell when people fell the need to pray like this around large groups of people, they have an agenda or something to prove to everyone. Not cool, just awkward. Keep religion to yourself. It should stay in your heart.

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