Jeb Bush Appointee Claims Newtown Never Happened

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The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting—the worst school shooting in national history—triggered an explosive debate around gun control in America. That debate continues today, perhaps most notably in Newtown itself.

Each month, gun advocates come to Newtown Board of Education meetings to argue that more guns, not fewer guns, could have prevented Adam Lanza from carrying out his shooting rampage. One of those advocates, seen in the video below, dresses in 1700s revolutionary garb.

But there was a new face in the audience at a meeting earlier this month: Wolfgang Halbig, a former police officer and school safety consultant who lives in Florida. Halbig flew up from Florida to attend the meeting, but it’s not because he’s a pro-gun advocate. In fact, he doesn’t think that guns or gun laws could have prevented the killings.

Halbig has another belief entirely: He says Sandy Hook never actually happened, that it was a fake event staged by the government. No Adam Lanza, no victims. According to Halbig, 26 people did not die that day. It was all fiction. The distraught parents who gave interviews to the media were actually paid actors, he says.

“Nobody even requested trauma helicopters that day,” he told me over the phone this week. “Why no trauma helicopters? That’s a big one.”

(In fact, this conspiracy around helicopters that day has been mentioned by others–and easily debunked–before. Sandy Hook truthers have been around for a while.)

On his website, Halbig lists out 16 specific questions. The answers to them, he believes, will expose a massive conspiracy. For example, he asks, “Who ordered those Port-a-Potties from Southbury, Connecticut?” and “Who declared all 18 children and six school staff members legally dead within the first eight minutes?”

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