‘The View’ Slams CNN’s Endless Plane Coverage

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Don Lemon filled in as a guest co-host on The View Monday, and right off the bat he faced questions about CNN’s near-nonstop MH370 coverage. Barbara Walters told him that CNN’s covered this “more than any other story than I can remember.” Lemon said, “I think you’re probably right, but the audience interest is there.”

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Clip from the Monday, April 14th 2014 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Eastern.

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  1. No dude, you are missing it…. CNN does not need to, nor do they operate like a ‘news’ organization. They, like nearly all news organizations are in the business to make a profit, therefore they are in the entertainment business.

    You are too young to remember the days of Cronkite when news was there as news. That was part of the public contract to get an FCC license to broadcast, they had to provide a public service. Most networks did that with good news organizations that lost a ton of money.

    Move forward to bubba clinton’s 1996 telecommunications act, that ended all of that…. and now we have we have…. worthless entertainment parading as news…..

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