Marijuana Legalization Will Kill Puppies! According To DEA Head

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“Michele Leonhart, the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, has a message for those considering legalizing marijuana: Please, think of Fido.

Testifying on the DEA budget during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing on Wednesday, Leonhart said she expected a number of things to happen after Washington and Colorado were allowed to go forward with the legalization of marijuana last year. What she didn’t anticipate was the impact on man’s best friend.

“There was just an article last week, and it was on pets. It was about the unanticipated or unexpected consequences of this, and how veterinarians now are seeing dogs come in, their pets come in, and being treated because they’ve been exposed to marijuana,” Leonhart said.”

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Cenk Uygur, Michael Shure, Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola of The Young Turks discuss the DEA head’s insane comments.


      1. The issue is not whether or not it will harm Fido…the issue is to help the millions of human beings who desparatley need this crucial medicine. That has proven to help in many many ways, including biofuel, and all of the other product and by products to help man kind. So this whole Fido issue is just plan STUPID!!

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