Wife Didn’t Know She Was Filming The Cops Killing Her Husband

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“What began as a fun night out to the movies ended in tragedy for one Oklahoma family after a father was beaten to death by police following a domestic dispute , CNN reported.

The incident, which was caught on video, began when Mrs. Nair Rodriguez got into an altercation with her 19-year-old daughter outside the Moore Warren Theatre in the early hours of February 15 and slapped her. A bystander who witnessed the incident reported the event to police.

The mother-daughter disagreement had upset Mrs. Rodriguez so much that she had bolted for the family car. Her husband, Luis followed her to calm her down when he was intercepted by five police who arrived on the scene. However instead of confronting Nair, five cops took down her innocent husband Luis Rodriguez, beating, pepper spraying and pinning him on the road.”* Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?!, TYT Sports) and Brian Unger (Showdown Of The Unbeatables) break it down on The Young Turks.

*Read more here from Jodie Gummow / AlterNet:


  1. I am from south oklahoma city. I have experienced this exact thing. And I was at 4th street when the warren and hospital were hit by the first of two of last years devastating EF5 tornados. I picked up bodies and parts. Peoples lives. And even my own friends. I dug through debris and salvaged small bits of what we could. Nome of these officers picked up anything. I have been assaulted by two of the officers in this video. Having on one occasion three ribs broke with a pipe officer mcmillian picked up on the road. He often stopped people there to do that. My house was raged and rebuilt. 30k in repairs in total. We finished in august. In September I was beat nearly unconscious by two oklahoma county sheriffs for refusing a search and locking my car with my lock down emergency button. I spoke out I’m front of Congress in oklahoma and called these officers by name. 14 days later my house was raided on my birthday. Officers from the Santa fe task force under the direction of an officer Brian cotten. They destroyed my home. Broke all the cabinets. Kicked my island off the wall broke holes and burned the carpet. When they didn’t find the hundreds of lbs officer cotton had assured them were there, they got angry and put m-4 assault rifles to my roommates 90 lb girlfriend. Telling her she was going to die if she didn’t cooperate. They found supposedly some pot and 60$ I’m birthday money mom gave me so I could go see a concert. I AM A 30 YEAR OLD DISABLED PERSON WITH SAVERE ANXIOTY RELATED TO POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER DUE TO PHYSICAL AND OTHER ABUSE I SUFFERED AT THE HANDS OF A CARE TAKER OVER SEVERAL YEARS. When the officers learned that I wasn’t there they told my roommates 90lb girlfriend that they had been watching listening recording and video taping this house the people in it her my roommate there parents my parents and even my boss for over two years and when they came back, and I quote “she had not be there and more should any one else if they wanted to survive this” this was a confirmed threat confirmed by information gained in the course of an investigation. Senator Jonson who was there the day I shot spoke out was in the know the entire time. After nearly 25,000 dollars, 5,500 of that going to paying a fine for (this is not a joke this is real) victimizing the state of oklahoma. And two years of felony probation. I will walk away with my home lost my cats dead my entire savings gone. All of my money I used to rebuild my home that was my social security settlement gone. I have lost my carrier. I have lost my friends. My worth as a person but most of all I have lost my dognety. I now live out of state and am desperately trying to eak out a small living. My parents have lost there entire savings keeping me free. And I cant pay them back. I have taken my parents retirement. I smoke marijuana to alleviate effects from both PTSD and a savere bi lateral frontal lobe injury which is why I am on disability. No other illegal items were found in the raid so they say. I am posting this because I do not believe that any of you realize how deadly this has become. How violent these officers are and how destructive this campaign has been. The affidavit used to persecute me was falsified based on extorted information. I was given the deal I was to keep me quiet. At some point I will expose this publicly. But to what good. People do not understand. More do they care. But maybe. Just maybe. This might push people to act instead of talk. Educate themselves and stand for what is right and just. Not getting even. Ending the war completely. This has to end. And it has to end soon. Please I am vegging you all. Educate yourselves on your basics. constitutional rights and why they are important. Then use your rights into end this and bring peace back to this country. You have to realize that they want your anger. You have to show them peace but we MUST TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK. And we must do it soon. Bevouse true evil is coming and it is because you refuse to do anything about it.

  2. Cort if you hadn’t noticed every other response is his response so…… Your final response shows why you will fail your course . You say you wanna show him that everyone believes in freedom of speech unless they don’t agree with you then your opinions don’t matter well that’s exactly what you did every time someone voiced an opinion then you said no to that opinion every time !!! People kept saying the evidence shows enough to conclude that they killed the man you said no it doesn’t Every time ……… Try again …. Everyone’s point is that if you did Any other due diligence before coming to your opinion as many here have done it’s called educating yourself then maybe you would see things a little differently you seem very cold in your unwavering from one point. That point Is moot as those 5 were on top and 1 unarmed father underneath Died end of story. At the very least it’s involuntary manslaughter and jail time for any other human on the planet , they look human so jail it is they can have fun surviving in the clink as cops

  3. I to only created an account to ask officer jacemma to as the lemmings do run fast and jump off a tall cliff. You my friend are clear proof that natural selection doesn’t work and your parents should have used protection. You talk ofeveryone being badasses online well you as well I believe they would call you an online troll I have never seen a more ignorant man oh wait I have he’s dead now as well he was the founder of the westboro Baptist church. Your point is completely pointless the PROOF you speak of is there if you choose not to believe it then stay in your box. Police around the world have gone power hungry and teaser crazy these 5 monkeys decided to let there anger control them Even if the father hadn’t died the force they used is absolutely unfounded and unwarranted. So by your logic you don’t believe the earth goes around the sun right all those people are just wrong like hear right. If Everyone has one opinion and have come To the same conclusion not knowing each other and there’s you the only one saying different … The law of probability says your wrong and it’s ALWAYS right so please give it up those cops and thousands of cops around the world are dirty bad cops nobody said that all are just the ones we watch ganging up on an unarmed man that’s all haahahahahahaha. You certainly wouldn’t carry the same views if this was your family that’s for sure . Good luck with the school looks kinda like you needa few extra years before the real world . Go 1% go to them they will love your pro police state mentality

  4. Good lord!
    Jacemma007 never once has taken the side of the 5 officers involved. All he has stated is that he feels there is an insufficient amount of evidence and information on THIS SITE to fully place blame on the officers and I am in full agreement. The outcome is extremely sad and unfortunate, but nobody knows what actually transpired. Has anybody ever heard of playing devils advocate? Most of the people on here are responding with hateful and immature comments because of simple questions and a voiced opinion. What ever happened to a civil debate? Are we not allowed to form our own opinion if it differs from the general consensus? It is absolutely DISGUSTING and PITIFUL to threaten or wish harm on anybody’s life. Most comments on this page are PERFECT examples of what is wrong with society today. Grow up.

  5. I would like to leave a final comment about this situation and the reactions to my comments.

    I personally have no vested interested in this unfortunate incident. I don’t know any of the parties involved, I am not a police officer nor related or friend of a police officer. No matter what lead to the outcome either way a man died, a wife lost her husband and a daughter lost her father….very sad and unfortunate.

    The only reason I made an initial comment at all was to prove a point to my professor. And my point was that every subculture in our society believes in Freedom of Speech….as long as they agree with what you are saying, otherwise your opinions and beliefs are not welcomed. This goes for Government, the Financial District thru down to right wing Anti-Government groups.

    Never in my posts did I say their was no excessive force, never sympathized with Police, claimed he had it coming, called anyone a liar. All my posts said was that there wasn’t enough evidence in the video to come to any conclusion. It did not show any “beatings”, did not say how the man died nor did it really explain the incident from beginning to end. All these missing questions are needed for me to form an educated and fact based opinion.

    Now these comments have lead other call me an idiot, stupid, narrow minded, threaten me and tell me to shut up numerous times. All of which stemmed from my expression and use of my rights and freedoms. I would completely agree with those comments if I was make degrading or belligerent comments, then they would be warranted. But all my comments were fact based and educated, never blaming anyone for the unfortunate death.

    So the reaction were proven to be people shutting down my opinion and wanting to hinder my freedom of speech because my opinion did not conform to the opinion of the majority.

    The opinions and slants of TYT’s reporting tends to attract people who feel Government is out to restrict their Rights and Freedoms….and would be the first people to accuse the Government of preventing Freedom of Speech. They stand up for their Rights and feel everyone should be able to….EXCEPT when someone doesn’t agree with them, them they that person is degraded and threatened.

    My point is we can’t expect the Government to treat us one way while we treat ourselves another.

    P.s. I am willing to bet someone makes a comment about my intelligence and narrow mind, and or threats me because of this final post….which only proves my point.

  6. A person died. That’s sad and probably could have been avoided if things were different. Those are what ifs. What if the mother had walked away before slapping her adult daughter in the face in public? What if the man had just given his id? What if a few of those cops weren’t already there dealing with another problem? What if a different from of less lethal was used like a taser? Ect. I find it disturbing that people are OK with claiming that someone killed or murdered someone else without seeing all the evidence. Yes, I would like to see the whole video. I only wish there was a way to determine how a person died. It seems like that would answer so many questions. Watching the video made me ask a few questions. If you’ve have just seen someone beaten, why would you ask if they are bleeding? I would expect that they would be. Why would the cops use pepper spray first instead of just beating this guy if he wasn’t being threatening? Who believes that this guy was refusing to give his id and not being aggressive towards the cops? I would think that he was very emotionally charged and wasn’t thinking clearly. His wife and daughter were fighting for who knows how long. The police are there and he pretty much tells them to fuck off. When they don’t I’m sure he’s not anymore calm.

    I saw the argument that the cops weren’t there for him so they should have focused on the mother and daughter. It seems to me that the cops will focus on whoever is the biggest aggressor or threat to their safety first. If someone interferes with their investigation then they need to handle that person before getting to the primary issue. I think if you’re going to say someone’s bad or that they killed someone you need to have the facts and not just assumptions. Oh, that thing I was talking about earlier is called an autopsy. They did one in this case and seem to be waiting on toxicology reports. A few more what ifs for the road. What if the man had heart problems and the stress of the event and physical exertion from refusing to be arrested caused him to die? What if there was some other medical issues that could of caused his death? What if he wasn’t beaten like the title states (but does not show) but rather pepper sprayed, held down and cuffed causing him to go into excited delirium (look it up if you don’t know what it is)? What if people actually believed that proof is usually needed to make educated and well informed decisions about someone’s guilt or lack thereof? Look at all the facts.

    1. Realguy. You are a complete moron. I have a ton of friends who are cops. They also would disagree. There is no excuses. What if this was your father. They are supposed to be trained for these situations. 5 guys on top of 1. He had no weapon. If you cant breathe it might look like resisting. When you are having a family dispute your gonna be upset. Its irrelevant, they killed this guy end of discussion. They should face charges for murder. If you or I did that thats what we would face. Where only 1 person. I seen this way to many times.

      1. You know that murder has elements that have to be proven right? The major element is intent. So maybe you should know what you’re talking about before you start name calling. These “ton of friends” in law enforcement you have should speak for themselves. No officer should be making hard and fast decisions based solely on this video. Police should be looking at the totality of the evidence available at the time they act. It’s not uncommon for those who work with combative people to use numbers to help restrain someone. I’ve seen 5 fire fighters pin a intoxicated man to the ground to keep him from hurting himself. I’ve seen 3 hospital security guards and 3 nurse have to pile on to a guy to put him in restraints because he was so out of it. Happens all the time. Since you’re clearly an expert on police protocol when dealing with a combative person, maybe you can tell everyone how many officers should it have taken to stop a large pissed off man? Remember, you don’t know if he’s been drinking or using drugs or has mental health issues. Also, I didn’t see anything in this story saying that the police patting him down before contacting him. So how did they know he was unarmed during the contact? Tell you what, go down to any major city at night and find a person who is pissed and fighting with his girlfriend. Tell him to sit down and tell you what’s happening. Ask him if you can check his pockets too. Don’t leave until you solve his problem. If he tries to leave before you find out what happened, stop him! Don’t hit him. Be respectful. If you go hands on with him four of your buddies can help you but no matter what, everything that happens to him or his girlfriend is 100% on you. Remember that you take your victim has you find them. If they have a heart attack or overdose during your contact it doesn’t matter because you said it doesn’t matter. Then come back on here and tell us how it went and why these officers were wrong.

  7. You are looking at the decline of America. Not so long ago these types of vids and stories were very rare and when they did occur there was huge public outrage. Do you all remember the Rodney King saga. That was 1991. Rodney King was a well known criminal but even so his beating still sparked public anger and rightly so. Years ago we were disgusted by these sort of things happening in other countries. Today this is happening all the time in the U.S and not just to criminals but it can happen to anyone. Its just the way it is now in the United States. Our rights and freedoms and what the United States once stood for is nearing its end.

  8. Way too many stories like this. Suspended with pay? They just killed a man!! Real heroes. They need to be charged with murder.

  9. Is there another part of the video that isn’t shown? I didn’t see a “beating”, not one punch was thrown. And how does the commentator know what happened before the video starts….how does they know what was said or done?

    TYT again just puts their own spin on things to make Police out to be bad guys. Maybe trying be REAL journalists and doing a FULL and unbiased story and report on the facts and not make up fictions.

    And I would imagine for people who hate and distrust the Police so much that you are the first ones to call and beg for their help!

    1. Why do you need to know what happened before? The end result is 5 perfectly healthy police offices, and 1 dead unarmed man. This would never be acceptable in any other situation. What if you recorded the end of a gang incident, where five men ganged up on one man and beat him to death. Would anyone care what happened before?

      1. Show me the “beating” that caused his death…that’s why I say show me what happened before. YouTube arrest and you will have 1000s of arrests with multiple officers involved where no one died. You maybe okay with being a sheep and assuming what you are told is true but I like to make my up my own opinion based on fact and not what a “journalist” ( and I use that term very loosely) says.

        How do we know he didn’t have a weapon or was very violent or was it police brutality? I don’t know and neither do you.

        1. you’re just an idiot..none of that matters…the end result is 5 untrained officers killed an innocent man…if he had a weapon the cops would of flaunted that all over the news..idiot

          1. I am the idiot? You are the one that can’t form your own opinion and voice your own train of thought. The “news” that this is reported in is anti Government so if the police did provide a response they wouldn’t post it. So once you can actually think for your maybe your be able to provide an educated and thought out response.

            1. I have lived in that area and can attest that the police go above and beyond their position in cruelty, they do more bad things than are necessary to uphold the law, and they are slightly corrupt. Some, I am sure, are great officers, but there are a few that do unnecessary things

          2. And FYI everything always matters….that’s why you can form your own opinion. This very well could be a horrible case of Police brutality, 100%! What I am saying unless we know all the facts to the incident we can fully form any opinion.

            A man died…that is extremely horrible situation and sad. I don’t know enough about the incident to say it was Police brutality or what. And neither can anyone else who WAS NOT there to actually witness it…as the video is not enough.

            1. You dont know enough? Then you dont know anything pal . What did the man do to be attacked? Nothing. What did the daughter say? And what was the mother saying .? And where the actions of the victim? What were the actions of the cops ? Answer those question. Pal and you will have an understanding that small minded men who do not know the best way to handle situations became cops and this is the end result .we need to make sure our policemen our well rounded men that are wise and intellenge and not trying to prove anything

          3. This guy fails to understand that if he was that little girl or that man or that wife. Or if that was his father he would never say what he is saying right now . Hes probly from a family a no good cops that do not have morals or sympathy for normal familys.

            1. Did you people ACTUALLY read my post? Or do you prefer to just comment blindly…the same as you do believing other peoples biases.

              All I was saying was that there was not enough information available to base a full opinion. The video doesn’t show it and you can’t take what some else’s opinion are as fact.

              And as for the daughter and wife….unfortunately why emotionally stressful situations can make their memories and perceptions skewed, anyone with an education in psychology will have to agree.

          1. Standupforyourself that is a great question…because unless I missed it they never actually said what his cause of death was. They said “beating” so did he die from head injuries? Trauma to the body? So before you try to act smart made you should have some idea what you are talking about.

    2. Actually if you follow the links in the article you will find the original article dated February 26th, 2014. That was the original posted article by another news organization who had done interviews. Try not to be so lazy and click through and see what you might find

      1. Thanks tips…but I didn’t read that article from the “news” source. Same information provided and same video. What I find lazy is watching a partial video, and listing to wannabe journalists and allowing them to form your opinion….I myself like to think for myself and form my opinion. But hey some people prefer to be sheeps…it’s okay don’t feel bad about it.

        1. So why didn’t you google the story before going ballistic on whatever it is you’re going ballistic on? All the other networks I’ve checked confirm the story.

          You know, being a sheep doesn’t mean just believing stuff, it means believing stuff without checking.

          1. Again….another fucking smart guy making a comment about my post WITHOUT actually reading all my posts.

            If you actually did read them you would have seen how I was talking about NOT just believing things but making your own mind up based and the FULL story. And all I was saying was you can’t get the whole story from that video clip and the commentators comments.

            So never went ballistic at all….so maybe you should take your own advice and find out the full story before giving your uneducated response.

    3. Queue the inevitable police apologist blaming the innocent man for his own death. The police ARE the bad guys in this case. There is no reason that man should have died. He died because a gang of thugs didn’t like him disrespecting them. I’ve seen too many videos where the amount of force used by police was way out of proportion to the resistance by the person being arrested. Their intention is to hurt you, and they know they can get away with it. They just hope to God that you provide them with the excuse they need to get away with hurting you.

      1. “Police apologists” that’s a cute term for someone who prefers not to jump to conclusions and not base my opinion on someone’s else thoughts and biases. Again….no one has been able to direct me to the link that SHOWS the police striking the man in any manner, all you do is listen to the opinions formed by others.

        People like you think you live in a Police State….you describe horrors at the hands of Police and Government, horrors you have NEVER experienced in real life. You have no idea what living in a Police State is like, and the horrors that really exists outside of your computer screen.

        People like you hate and disrespect the Police and Government but love the safety and security that is provided to you by them. If you think you live in a horrible society where Police beat and abuse at will….feel to go live in Mexico and enjoy the actual lifestyle.

    4. Its simply because of people small minded people like jacemmaoo7 and these 5 power tripping cops. What an ignorant response you have . Would you still feel that way if that was you father that was beaten to death ?! What if that was your brother and sister in law and your niece out to a movie then these cops not using there little brains to properly handle this. childishly reacted like a pack of wolfs with no training. The excitement to use force overwhelmed them right away. the feeling that they are allowed to prematurely act with with violence whenever they want because they are protected by the government is unacceptable. And if you think we are simply influenced by the computer screen there goes another small minded statement by you. Is this the first incident we have witness? NO ! This is an ongoing problem of police brutality and this will only get worse as the years go on i guarantee it
      . Are you saying you have never seen a similar act? Thousands buddy! Open your eyes you must be one of them . You are stated that if you were a cop ( wich you probably are) would take this innocent mans life too! You have no consideration for that family. And this video is more then enough to see and the 19 year old daughters statment says it all. I bet you would not put your face on that statement guy.

      1. You really need to fucking read my actual posts you fucking illiterate idiot. Going ballistic ? The only fucking point I made was to not jump to conclusions and want to see my evidence to how the cops “killed” him. You NOR anyone else on have provided me with that information.

      2. Did you say I stated “if I were a cop”? That comment definitely proves you did not actually read any of my posts because nowhere in them will you find a state like that.

        So before you open your yap and make an uneducated response you should take 5 mins and read them all. Because your arguments are pointless because I was not saying or claiming anything like that dumbass things you say I did.

        I just wanted to know more about the situation before I made up my OWN opinion! Maybe someone like you with small intellect can’t handle anymore info or able to process info in your own so you need others to think for you can’t understand me wanting to make up my own mind.

        1. This argument is ridiculous. The point is a man (whether he was fighting back or not in the begining) died and it could have been prevented. There was no need for five officers to beat him and all be on top of him at once. It clearly shows in the video that he was not fighting back and yet they still were all over him. The officers were in the wrong for doing that. They could of handled that in a better way other than pounding him in the head (clearly they did bc he was bleeding from the head) and and kneeling on his chest. Any person can tell you that if there’s pressure on the chest or excessive force holding you down it can stop you from breathing and pounding a person in the head repeatedly does serious damage…some people can take more then one hit while others get hit once and thats it for them (also depends where they are hitting the head…one punch to the back and you can kill some one instantly), you would think these officers that are “trained” would know better. Whether this was police brutality or not this is a horrible thing and could of been prevented. Stories like this are popping up a lot and it seems like nothing is being down about it.

  10. Officers receive 650 hours of training. To put that in perspective a Barber is required to complete three times that to be licensed. The police academies teach officer safety trumps everything else. Thank your police union.

  11. 3 guys on top of his chest and neck will cut his breathing. Who trains cops to subdue people by stopping their breathing. They are suppose to immobilize him. They don’t have to put their entire body weight on top of him.

    1. Exactly who teaches that? They should should all be reevaluated before controlling our country

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    1. Something tells me jacemma007 is one of those cops! Or he could just be a very angry cop.

      Your ignorance shows thru your writing jacemma007. How you can be ok w/the death of a man who was not armed is by far the stupidest argument anyone can hold! Just shut up jacemma007!!

      Thank you TYT for all your professional journalism you give us!!! It is greatly appreciated and keep up the great work! And I don’t work with TYT. I’m a fan!

      1. @tytfanforgood (your name says it all)

        First no I am not a cop nor part of a family with cops. I am actually a psychology student who prefers to make up my own opinion not base my opinion on someones else biases. But hey whatever works for you in life.

        Second…if you ACTUALLY read my fucking posts you moron you would have seen that all I was saying is that you can’t make up an opinion based on limited information. And as much as you want to suck TYT’s dick they and that video provided very limited information. And if you read what I wrote I clearly said either way the situation is sad.

        3rd….calling TYT “professional journalism” puts you in the running for dumbest person is the world award…congrats on the nomination!

        4th….”just shut up” ….everyone is a tough guy online….hope that makes you feel cool for once in your life.

        1. I just made an account specifically to reply to you jacemma007. What do you need to see?The whole video of him being beat to death just so you know that they aren’t lying about him being beat to death by these cops?Just how limited is information for you to understand that these cops DID kill the guy.I don’t know why you are so uptight that people believe the story from this “limited information” even though its confirmed without having a man beaten to death on their news site.Good luck with that psychology career if you even graduate. Its sure helping you understand people now from what I see.

          1. First off I never once said anyone was “lying”…if you are going to paraphrase my comments please only do so with accurate statements.

            I am sorry that I don’t agree that people should be making judgments and assumptions based on limited information. And frankly people who are arguing and making a judgment without all the evidence are hypocrites considering they are also the same people accusing the Police for judging people and situation without fulling knowing the full situation.

            A man died….extremely sad for him, family and friends. He died during an altercation with the Police, which the full circumstances are not known. That is my point…and only my point. I am not comfortable labelling someone a “murder” without knowing how the person died or the events leading up to it. Did he struggle? Or did he full comply? I don’t know and either do you. You just make form your opinion based on limited information and hearsay rather they facts, which I chose not to.

            I am also a professional MMA fighter, with training and knowledge of how to control someone…and for everyone saying 5 on 1 is too much, all I can say it’s not easy to control a person especially when emotions are involved. And on top of that trying to do so in a safer manner would almost be impossible 1 on1. Unless you are Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris it’s not happening or else both people will be hurt.

            And thanks….but I have already graduated with a degree and now working on my Masters. You can think what you want about my understand or whatever….I know how people think and react, which is why I am not surprised at the response and train of thought by others on here.

              1. Wow very well thought out and educated response…par for the course! And same with the scary threats….everyone is a badass over a computer. Hope you feel tough while sitting alone! People like you is exactly what is wrong with society.

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