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“Over the weekend, CBS journalist Itay Hod decided he’d had enough of closeted politicians. In a long Facebook post, Hod ranted that the media has been muzzled from outing anyone for fear of repercussions from gay-rights organizations like GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign. He waxed on about an “Illinois congressman” with a virulently anti-gay voting history and claimed this congressman was caught in the shower with his male partner by a fellow journalist.

In case we weren’t sure who Hod was discussing, he linked to an article about Rep. Aaron Schock’s gayest Instagram photos. As of now, Schock’s Instagram account has been locked down and cannot be visited by the public. So viewers are saved the guilt caused by trolling through his buff workout pics.

The case of closeted Republican gays has long been a source of consternation among the LGBT community. General consensus still relies on the idea that “outing” is a morally problematic thing to do because, in the past, publicly declaring someone’s sexual orientation could put them at risk for violence and harassment.”* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

*Read more here from Chris Sosa / The Huffington Post:

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  2. It’s Itay (pronounced ee-tie), not Italy.

    So far as I can tell, Shrock is being ‘outed’ as a Metrosexual! The gay rumors are, for the present, just that. Hod should have begged-off until he had real evidence, like that Defense of Family creepo Reckers taking the rent-boy with him on a vacation.

    It’s hypocritical that Savage and Hod are relying on the most vulgar of gay stereotypes (meticulous wardrobe, chiseled body) to label Schrock as ‘gay’. To wit, if he weren’t a Republican congressman and just some guy on the street and I remarked “get a load of that muscle Mary in the pink shirt!” Dan Savage would be the first to accuse me of homophobia — and he’d be correct in doing so.

    And I suspect prurient interest are playing a part in Hod’s and Savage’s crusade. Gays are always too quick to claim good-looking, successful men for their own. The gay ‘rumors’ about Brad Pitt have been around since “Thelma & Louise”. And just look at what’s going on with Aaron Rogers right now.

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