TYT 12.23.13 Hour 1

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Cenk Uygur hosting from rebel headquarters. Boehner and house republicans are seeking to cut off extending unemployment benefits despite the unemployment insurance program being popular among the american people. Polling shows that if republicans cut unemployment insurance benefits, many GOP seats would come in to jeopardy. The 113th Congress has shattered records in terms of inactivity, passing only 65 bills. The house scheduled 239 days off this past year. Most of politicians’ time is spent raising money and not serving their constituency. New polling shows that politics has eroded confidence in scientific findings. The influence of political ideology and financial incentives are the main reasons attributed to the mistrust in science and science reporting. As suspected, republicans trust scientific findings less than independents and democrats.  91 think-tanks and foundations are behind the financing of climate change denial. The money from these organizations is being spent on lobbying, political contributions, and propaganda campaigns. Since 2003, funding has only increased due to the propaganda’s efficacy. This is yet another blatant example of money’s undue influence in politics. Americans have become so used to legalized bribery, the mainstream media doesn’t believe the reporting of dark money is worthwhile.

Before a raid in Yemen, al-qaeda instructed their operatives not to attack hospitals. In the wake of the raid, after the hospital indeed went under attack, al-qaeda issued an official apology denouncing the actions and the killing of unintended victims. Al-qaeda is also starting to compensate unintended victims’ family members, which historically has been an american military tactic in the middle east. After Deerfield Beach, FL officials assured the town that their holiday displays on public lands would be inclusive i. e. it would include all holiday icons or no icons at all. They eventually betrayed their word and ended up erecting a nativity scene on public land anyway. Trey Radel won’t resign after being caught with cocaine. Trey Radel famously supported legislation requiring welfare recipients to undergo drug testing.

Iceland is planning to build a major road between the capital and another city. A townspeople along this planned route are concerned about disturbing the habitat of elves and other “hidden folk”. It’s speculated that this was only a ruse among environmentalists to delay construction. This guess is wide off. Icelanders actually believe in elves and other mythical creatures living on the island. Bjork, arguably iceland’s biggest celebrity, confirmed her country’s belief in these creatures in an interview.

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