TYT 12.20.13 Hour 1

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War on Christmas. Louie Gohmert brings up the fact that in the 1930s politicians could talk about Christmas without controversy. In Guantanamo Bay, there were two nativity scenes that were taken down, much to Bill O’Reilly’s anger. For that, he called Guantanamo’s base commander a coward, and cut his mic off before he could defend himself. More on the Duck Dynasty controversy. An old video from a few years ago of Phil Robertson going on a very homophobic rant resurfaces. The future of Duck Dynasty is discussed, with other members of the Robertson family threatening to not do the show without the patriarch of the family. Glenn Beck says Duck Dynasty should come to the Blaze. John C. Beale, a climate change expert, defrauded the EPA out of $900,000 by pretending to be in the CIA. He claimed he was on covert assignments for CIA but really set home reading books or doing chores while earning $206,000 a year.

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